….have you ever had the clouds roll in blocking that path that had been oh so clear only recently but now you can no longer see where to take your next steps? Yet you know deep down, you know you have to keep going, that it IS the right direction, so decide bravely to keep stepping anyway, through the clouds, one solid step at a time.

…have you ever felt drawn to something or someone so strongly, so comfortably but you can’t logically explain it? Think of when you’ve met someone for the first time yet it feels like you have known them for years – so you find yourself opening up to them, staying longer than you intended, and when you do finally walk away you feel lighter, smiley, “hugged”

You are trusting your soul’s wisdom!

Instinct, gut feeling, intuitiveness, it has many names these days, my mother used to call it her sixth sense!  We all have access to it. Many of us subconsciously use it but are not always aware of what we are doing OR we hear it and decide to ignore it.

Consciously trusting this inner knowing, this intuitiveness can be a wonderful tool in your daily life and meditation has been a great way of helping me open up to sit more comfortably in trust of that tool.

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