a deeply nurturing space...

ssh… release

My workshops whether they be online or in person hold a mother-love energy that creates a nurturing space that allows participants to feel welcome and safe. They are suitable for beginners to advanced meditators.

Using my uniquely channelled meditative process you will be safely guided into your subconscious awareness to truthfully acknowledge what blockages you are carrying; understand where they came from and accept that it’s time to release them. 

We will then connect deeper into our divine soul vibration and replace what you have released with a key intention garnered from the clarity of your soul wisdom. A healthy practice from a sense of fullness that will serve you well.

ssh… reflect

Soul Sanctuary Healing’s upcoming workshops


Why are we so resistant to being still these days? What conditionings do we have attached to the act of stillness?

What can we learn when we give ourselves permission to be still?

Online: Sun 22nd August

Location: Zoom Online

Time: 9.30am-12pm IST / 6.30-9pm AEST 2.5hrs of rejuvenating healing awareness

€35 / AUD$55


In-person: Sun 29th August

Location: Bamboo Buddha, Central Coast

Time: 2-5pm AEST 3hrs of rejuvenating bliss


Some past workshops

Dublin 2020 “This is Who I am” – what behavior changes did you experience in lockdown that you realised served yourself and your family better and want to keep as a part of your life moving forward and why? How will you do this?

Online February 2021 “How do I love me?” – Inspired by Valentine’s Day I asked the questions….How do you give/show compassion and love to yourself? What Love Language do you use? We realised the growing need for more harmonious self acknowledgment wrapped in truth, compassion, love and understanding.

Online May 2021 “Lightening the Load”…Let the expectations go! – Realise the numerous expectations we carry everyday from others and ourselves. How are they preventing you from living your life with ease and satisfaction of who you truly are?

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