About Liz

"Liz is a remarkable, kind and truly gifted person who I feel incredibly blessed to have in my life as a teacher and now a friend." Nina. Dublin, Ireland

Liz is a soulful and intuitive woman. A mother of three who has lived a varied and experienced life around the world. For nearly 20 years she has worked with the Divine Energies of the Feminine, Mother, Earth and Soul Source for her own spiritual development, which in turn she now gifts to others. She has the ability to reconnect you to your own Divine energies, which are inherent in every human being, female or male.

Liz meets you in a very human and down to earth way, yet reaches you in a deep and soulful place in order to give you what both your human mind, and soul are asking for in that moment.

This can manifest in many ways such as practical day-to-day advice, or soul-led insights through meditation and guided visualizations, and mostly you will receive a combination of both.

With her Spiritual Intuitive guidance, Liz translates your unconscious into your conscious awareness in order to create tools that you can ground into your everyday life and that will continue to work for you, long after a session with her.

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