“beautiful bespoke meditations and visualisations”

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Meditations can be purchased as a single meditation or as part of a pack with varying lengths of 5, 15, 30 or even 60mins.  Play your bespoke meditation whenever you need ie. when you can’t get back to sleep in the middle of the night.

Before I create your individual meditation for you, we will have a complimentary  30min Discovery Zoom call where I connect to your energy more deeply and find out more about you and why you need your meditation. This is the important bit, for it will help shape the intentional energy behind the foundation of the meditation’s energy.

You may need a quick 5 min meditation for a quick grounding of yourself during the day or you may need a longer 20 min meditation to help gift you some essential clarity as you begin your day. You can request whatever you need for YOU!

The length of the meditation or the package of meditations you request will determine the price.

Ie. The 12min meditation below would cost AU$30

Your recording is sent to you within 7 days via email and becomes yours to download and keep.

Below are two examples of short basic meditations I created for you to listen to…

Grounding Your Light in Nature

This beautiful 12min beginners meditation in nature was recorded on the last day of a retreat in the Blue Mountains, be sure to listen to the birds, wind and nature sounds throughout the meditation.

It’s intention is to bring you gently into your stillness and expand your unique vibration, your ‘light’, using your breath, senses, visualisation and mantras of ‘love’, all to soothe the mind and ground your energy bringing you to a supportive feeling of calm by the end.

Grounding Your Light in Nature

by Liz McDonald

Shine Bright Morning Acknowledgement

This 4min very simple yet powerful meditation was created with the purpose of allowing the listener time to acknowledge themselves physically, emotionally and mentally without judgment, but instead with understanding and support to nurture their vibration, their ‘light’ before they launch into their day with commitments of family or work. My groups used this in our 28day commitment to self care. I’ve shared this with my private clients to remind them to continue the process of valuing themselves and their energy first in their day.

Shine Bright Morning Acknowledgement

by Liz McDonald

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