One to One

Private Consults With Liz...

ssh… listen

My private consults can help you on many levels, each one designed specifically for you and your needs.

If you want to begin your own meditation practice but don’t feel confident because sitting in your stillness terrifies you then I can teach you.

If you are finding your mind is constantly ‘on’ worrying about the next thing and you are having trouble finding joy in your present moments then I can help you.

If you need clarity, guidance, direction or would just like more of an understanding of who you really are as a soul and the potential you could reach in this life then you will enjoy the 1 to 1 time with me.

ssh… trust

Through meditative practice I will help you stand in the FULLNESS of who you really are. Guiding you to understand your soul journey for this life & reconnect to the vitality essence of YOU!

Together we will explore tools to help you trust your inner wisdom and attune more easily to the vibrations of your soul’s truth. Living more in awareness of what you serves you well & what doesn’t.

If needed I will also help you recognise how a past life experience or an earlier one in this life, can trigger a fear in you currently, causing blocks that prevent you from moving forward in your journey.

This may enable you to take down the walls of fear that are holding you back.

If support, energy clearing, Pranic Healing, Reiki, intuitve guidance, soul counsel & mentoring is what you know you need let’s arrange a consult.

It all starts with a conversation…

Before we embark on your Soul journey a 20-30min Discovery Zoom Call is recommended for all new clients to ensure we co-resonate.

Once we are ready to proceed, we have 2 methods of delivery; Individual Sessions delivered in a singular manner or our Mentor Series, where you undertake a programme of sessions…

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are delivered in a one-off fashion. Subsequent 1hr 15min sessions can be arranged.

Individual Soul Plunge

As a first time client you will dive deep into your soul’s vibration with my guidance for your initial 1hr 45min consult. Any subsequent sessions can be arranged either as part of a package or independent consults as needed.

Mentor Series

Mentor Series clients get ongoing, communication, support & encouragement from Liz along their journey

Soul Momentum

For those that want to progress with & ensure a change in themselves or their perspective of their life over a specific period of time. Consults are spaced 2-3 weeks apart to give you time to process & integrate the new tools, wisdoms & awarenesses you receive. Consists of 1 x 1hr45min Soul Plunge + 2 x 1.25hr Soul Support sessions.

Soul Support

A series of shorter 1.25hr consults for after we’ve delved into the core of your intentions & cleared the most obstructive blockage to your goals. A monthly check in supporting you in maintaining your progress & change over the ensuing months. Buy as you go or choose a pack of 3 or 4 sessions.

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