…Often Easter coincides with a BDay celebration in my family as it did this year, so after a busy weekend of high energy doing & fun it was lovely last night to discover this scene on our way to a family outing & just stop still & appreciate it.

It gave me a chance to reflect on how well the weekend had flowed when I trusted in my intentions & how much gratitude I was holding for that….and for my life in general!

I feel very fortunate to live in a place with so much natural beauty on our doorstep. I feel very grateful that we made it back to Australia, mid COVID pandemic, when we did but even more grateful for the chance we had to live in the magical land of Ireland & let it, and the people, get under my skin never to be removed!

I appreciate all I’ve experienced in the last year since last Easter, the easy & the challenging, for it allowed my personal growth to continue evolving.

Sometimes taking stock of all you have occurs at the most unexpected moments but with awareness, its impact will be everlasting.

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